MissionDesign, development, and implementation of clean cook stoves to multiple markets to accommodate specific cooking practices, fuels, and levels of affordability.
Address66 West 24th Avenue
Postal Code97405
Primary Point of Contact
First NameTodd
Last NameAlbi
Phone541 222 9212
Experience and ExpertiseClimate, Consumer Preferences, Design, Distribution, Energy, Environment, Health, Humanitarian, Infrastructure, Livelihoods / Entrepreneurship, Manufacturing, Market Development, Research, Sales / Marketing, Supply Chains, Technology and Fuels, Testing
Additional Experience and ExpertiseEstablished relationships with multiple large scale stove manufacturers. Current Managing Director of StoveTec, in support of Aprovecho Research Center. 25 years in respiratory medicine.
Technologies and FuelsEthanol/Alcohol, Biomass, Charcoal, Coal, Pellets / Briquettes, Solar
Other Technologies and FuelsStoves, Ovens, Pasteurizers, WAPI's, Cookware, Lanterns, and related products
PartnershipAssist in global implementation