Mission• To reduce indoor air pollution, which in turn will reduce the health risks caused by IAP and increase the life expectancy of the entire population
• To create job opportunities, decrease the unemployment rate, and generate an improved standard of living for the entire population.
• To give the female population the opportunity of working at Eco-Chula and thus give growth to women empowerment
• To lessen overall carbon emission by using biogas, and creating a cleaner, healthier atmosphere.
Partner TypeImplementer
AddressRoad # 8, House # 16, Dhanmondi
Primary Point of Contact
   First NameAsif
   Last NameIqbal
   Phone(167) 485-5075
Organization TypeSmall or Medium Enterprise
Organizational ExpertiseTechnology and Fuel R&D, Livelihoods, Gender / Womens Empowerment, Health, Climate/Environment, Adoption / Behavior Change
Technologies and FuelsBiogas
Clean Cooking ActivitiesThe business is at the preliminary implementation stage. Presently, Eco-Chula is preparing to set up business in the primary base of operation which is Polashtola village and 5 adjacent villages of Jamalpur Sadar sub- district in Bangladesh. Eco-Chula is currently accumulating financial sources, making contracts with partners, opening up employment opportunities and building necessary infrastructure in the primary base of operation. On November 2013 an awareness campaign will be started to promote Eco-Chula in the primary target area. After analyzing the customer response from awareness campaign, Eco-Chula will apply for the BCSIR9 verification certificate for the stove and biogas plant. The official production will start from 2014.
PartnershipEco-Chula hopes to start a partnership with the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves for taking orders and selling Eco-Chula worldwide through GACC, which will help to overcome the market barriers. The overall plan of Eco-Chula, which has a high chance of being successful in under-developed countries like Bangladesh, will help GACC reach its goal of promoting clean cook stoves globally.
Regions Operating InSouth Asia
Countries Operating InBangladesh