Mission• To reduce indoor air pollution, which in turn will reduce the health risks caused by IAP and increase the life expectancy of the entire population
• To create job opportunities, decrease the unemployment rate, and generate an improved standard of living for the entire population.
• To give the female population the opportunity of working at Eco-Chula and thus give growth to women empowerment
• To lessen overall carbon emission by using biogas, and creating a cleaner, healthier atmosphere.
AddressRoad # 8, House # 16, Dhanmondi
Primary Point of Contact
First NameAsif
Last NameIqbal
Phone(167) 485-5075
Experience and ExpertiseTechnology and Fuels, Livelihoods / Entrepreneurship, Gender / Womens Empowerment, Health, Environment, Energy, Adoption / Behavior Change
Technologies and FuelsBiogas
PartnershipEco-Chula hopes to start a partnership with the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves for taking orders and selling Eco-Chula worldwide through GACC, which will help to overcome the market barriers. The overall plan of Eco-Chula, which has a high chance of being successful in under-developed countries like Bangladesh, will help GACC reach its goal of promoting clean cook stoves globally.
Regions Operating InSouth Asia
Countries Operating InBangladesh